Honda in Tokyo: veel nieuws onder de zon

Hierboven staat de volledige line-up van wat Honda zal tonen op de Motorshow in Tokyo, enkel de Honda CR-Z ontbreekt.

Speciaal aan de Honda stand, die bovendien de grootste is die er terug te vinden is op de beursvloer van Tokyo, is de HELLO!-sectie, die een hele hoop producten die gebaseerd zijn op elektriciteit zal voorstellen. HELLO! staat voor Honda ELectric mobility LOop.

Daar zal bijvoorbeeld de Honda FCX Clarity staan, die gebruikt maakt van elektriciteit die opgewekt wordt door waterstof. Verder zien we – en dat zijn we ondertussen van Honda al gewoon – nog enkele vreemde concepten inzake mobiliteit, maar ook de EV-N, een soort van retro-elektrisch wagentje.

De bovenstaande concepten zijn uiteraard enkel toekomstmuziek, Honda wil zich vandaag focussen op de hybride-technologie, die volgens haar het beste antwoord biedt op de veranderende klimaatsomstandigheden. De CR-Z Concept 2009 is een sportieve hybride-wagen, terwijl de SKYDECK een innovatieve monovolume-wagen is, die plaats biedt aan 6 inzittenden.

Voor wie het allemaal niet zo milieuvriendelijk hoeft biedt Honda ook de CIVIC TYPE R EURO, die speciaal voor de Europese banen voorzien is. Op die Europese banen zou ook het rijplezier van deze CIVIC TYPE R EURO maximaal moeten zijn. De verkoop hiervan begint in November 2009 in Japan.

Helemaal links: de Clarity, helemaal rechts: de EV-N

Honda Tokyo Clarity, EV-N, CR-Z, Skydeck

Honda CR-Z Concept 2009:

Honda Tokyo Clarity, EV-N, CR-Z, Skydeck
Honda SKYDECK Concept:

Honda Tokyo Clarity, EV-N, CR-Z, Skydeck

Covering the largest floor area of any single brand at the show, Honda booth combines automobiles, motorcycles, power products and other highlights to present the distinctive world of Honda mobility. Driven by dreams and passion, and with the booth concept of “Creating the never before!” Honda strived to propose attractive products that please and amaze its customers.

Honda’s automobile exhibit will present a variety of environmentally responsible approaches to mobility, including hybrid vehicles, a fuel cell electric vehicle and a battery electric vehicle. The display will also highlight models with innovative packaging and enhanced driving performance that communicate the enjoyment an automobile can provide.

With the motorcycle display, Honda proposes products which are filled with creativity and dreams and create new value to further broaden the potential of motorcycles.The motorcycles on display range from large-displacement sports bikes that offer new riding pleasure to compact commuter models powered by electricity.

Also on display are butane gas canister-powered power products, as well as a new personal mobility device which was developed based on the concept of “harmony with people.”

The special display zone named “HELLO!” (Honda Electric mobility Loop) will feature a comprehensive display of electricity-based products, including products that supply electricity, vehicles that run on electricity and products with innovative electronic technologies.

♦ Outline of the exhibition at the Honda booth

The HELLO! (Honda Electric mobility Loop) Zone will provide a comprehensive display of Honda’s electromotive technologies, including automobiles, motorcycles, power products, and more-everything from products that supply electricity to products that incorporate electronic technologies. By linking solar panels that supply electricity with battery electric vehicles that emit zero CO2 in use, Honda envisions the low-carbon society of the near future. In addition, each HELLO! vehicle features interactive communication technologies that showcase the fun ways in which mobility devices can interact with people and society. On display will be the FCX CLARITY, a fuel cell electric vehicle that runs on the electricity it produces from hydrogen; the EV-N battery electric vehicle; the EV-Cub electric motorcycle; the EV-MONPAL electric personal mobility device; the new U3-X, a one-wheel personal mobility device that uses balance control technology that was developed through the ASIMO bipedal humanoid robot; and LOOP, a portable communication tool that allows people and mobility devices to communicate with each other.
The automobile display will focus on hybrid vehicles, which Honda believes offer one of the most practical means of addressing environmental concerns at the present time. Joining the Insight, which has been very well received since its release in Japan in February 2009, will be the CR-Z Concept 2009, a hybrid with a new sense and feel, making its world premiere, and the SKYDECK, an innovative six-passenger, multi-purpose hybrid vehicle. Other models on display are the all-new STEP WGN and STEP WGN SPADA (both scheduled for introduction in Japan in October 2009), which feature innovative packaging to expand the joy of using automobiles, and the all-new CIVIC TYPE R EURO (scheduled for introduction in Japan in November 2009), which captures the joy of driving, discovered and refined on European roads.
The motorcycle display will feature products filled with creativity and dreams that create new value that challenges the unique potential of motorcycles. Making its world premiere, the CB1100 explores the potential of the air-cooled, 4-cylinder engine while building upon the aesthetic appeal and riding taste of the generations of CBs. The VFR1200F sport touring bike, which will make its Japan premiere, emphasizes advanced technology and styling while offering an enjoyable riding experience. A VFR1200F equipped with the world’s first Dual Clutch Transmission for large-displacement sport bikes will also be on display. Advanced models that address environmental concerns include the PCX, an idle stop function-equipped global scooter that delivers outstanding fuel economy, and the EVE-neo, which achieves clean and tough performance that only an electric-powered scooter can provide.

Power products on display include two that are powered by small household-use butane gas canisters: the newly developed ENEPO generator and the PIANTA tiller, which has been well received since its introduction in Japan. Also on display will be the Stride Management Assist and Bodyweight Support Assist walking assist devices, which feature the cooperative control technologies developed through the robotics research of ASIMO, Honda’s bipedal humanoid robot.

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