Bentleys op dieet

Bentley continental GT Speed
Bentley heeft laten weten dat het zijn hele gamma op een dieet zal stellen. Te zware auto’s zorgen volgens hen voor te veel milieuvervuiling en dit wordt niet langer algemeen aanvaard. Ook zal minder gewicht zorgen voor betere prestaties. Hieronder vind u het persbericht.

A new version of the Arnage will finally – most observers would say belatedly – arrive around the end of the decade. And according to various sources, it will be a markedly more modern sedan than the long-lived four-door now on the road.

It may also feature the use of newer, lighter materials, rather than massive lumps of steel. Even Bentley has to face the reality of the global warming era, whether its buyers can afford rising fuel prices or not, acknowledged CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen.

“We have to examine whether to change the philosophy of Bentley,” which focuses on large, heavy cars with large, torquey engines, explained Paefgen.

An in-depth study is already underway, he revealed, and it’s expected to wrap up by early next year. One possibility would be a recommendation that Bentley shift towards markedly lighter products

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